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Friday, March 30, 2018


In 1985, the adventure module T1-4 THE TEMPLE OF ELEMENTAL EVIL came out and the company that produced it (TSR) was coming apart at the seams. In the wake of its release, the publisher was busy being devoured by lawyers, detectives and traitorous investors. So the production was really mixed (Gygax was not really to blame and co-designer Frank Mentzer was not really to blame either.)

So that said, there is a section that has brought some consternation as to what exactly was being said. Its the doors to the main adventure area the Temple of Elemental Evil's entrance. There were some weird magic runes depicted and they sort of match some runes and glyphs that were included in the 1980 and 1983 World of Greyhawk material by Gary Gygax. I have included both versions side by side 1980 on right and 1983 on left .I also previously included all comparisons some time ago on this blog here

On pages 39-40 it reads next to an image (included below in interpreting chart)

Four pairs of huge bronze doors are
located within the Temple areas. The first
pair is the Grand Entrance (Upper Works
area 1), and will be encountered early in the
adventure. Other doors are within the
dungeon at areas 145, 210, and 352.
Each pair of doors is held fast by huge
iron chains, and all cracks are sealed with
soft iron. Graven upon each portal are magical
runes which glow in a silvery radiance.
These portals are the binding forces
which even now confine the demoness Zuggtmoy
to the dungeon (Level Three). If one
or more pairs of doors are sundered, Zuggtmoy
gains some freedom and additional
powers; see area 353 for detailed notes, as
well as the monster description in Appendix
B. Show diagram 10 to the players whenever
a character approaches within 10 feet
of any pair of these doors. The intruder
must make a saving throw vs. spells, applying
a -2 penalty to the roll, to resist the powerful
permanent antipathy magic
represented by the silvery runes. Failure to
save means that the character cannot
approach within 10 feet of those doors, and
is likewise forever blocked from the other
portals of like dweomer found in the
dungeon. The victim cannot even bear to
look upon the silvery runes.
If the saving throw succeeds, another
must still be made whenever the character

 again comes within 10 feet of the same portals,
or of like portals elsewhere. Any failure
to save produces the effect noted above.
If the doors are successfully approached,
the intruder may try to break them down.
However, this is an impossible task to normal
strength and most magic. Strength of 20 or
more might succeed; check the standard
chance to open a wizard locked door for a
character or creature of appropriate strength
(c. f. girdle of giant strength, DMG page 145):

SEE T1-4 for chart


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