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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

PPP Winner 3 of 3 Converted for AD&D: UNSWORDS! Encounter/Area


This area appears as a large round pastoral garden courtyard about 75 feet across. It features Roman or Romanesque type architecture of arches, columns, statues, pools, as well as frescoes depicting mythology on the sidewalls. The statues are apparently renditions of beautiful goddesses, open armed and yielding, all of which face the far end of the courtyard from the entrance. Here at the far end lies a fountain with a giant patriarchal sun god statue. In his right hand the marble sun god wields three long swords fanned out and extending downwards that during the day are aglow with a vibrant rainbow of energy cascading through the blades. When the sun sets the goddesses become lit up with spiked coronas and flowing luminescent robes all made with the same colorful light as the swords. The light of the swords extinguishes at night and becomes relit at dawn. If the robes or coronas are touched they will deliver a sharp sting, which may paralyze as the light recoils back into the statue. The robes and coronas will emerge again a few minutes later until they recede later when the sun sets. If any of the sun god’s blades are removed from his hand the energetic light in all of them is extinguished as the light recoils back into the statue. Revealing that upon close inspection the swords are hollow tubes with blades made of glass. Three holes can be found in the palm of the statue’s hands.

Disturbing these swords and/or the statues in general by breaking them will cause the “trap” to be sprung. The designers of the courtyard’s “lightshows” used heavy magic to bind two members of an exotic species from the astral plane. These creatures, one male and one female, are free floating unintelligent astral “jellyfish” composed of energy that constantly display the entire spectrum of known colors and are called spectrumones. The male appears as shaped like a 20 foot long hydra/polyp jellyfish and is trapped inside the sun god statue. The female appears as a much larger 50 foot wide circular medusa/standard jellyfish and is trapped underneath the entrance of the courtyard with the tentacles displaying the coronas and the robes of the goddesses at sunset. Desecrating (damaging) the statues and/or swords will break the magical binding and essentially free the spectrumones from the magical part of their prison. Although it remains for them to struggle out of what’s physically holding them in place. The spectrumone medusa will break through the floor near the front of the entrance of the courtyard surrounding all those within with a wall of flailing tentacles of undulating light as it struggles out. The spectrumone hydra will break out of the statue in the far end. The medusa has 20 tentacles while the hydra has 14. All paralyze upon contact with the skin and the two will be flailing at everything as they break their way out.

Treasure: WAND OF MAGIC MISSILES (95 CHARGES), and 32 GEMS (14,191 GP TOTAL) in a secret compartment behind an image on the back wall of a sun god with the three godesses matching the statues.


FREQUENCY: Very rare
NO. APPEARING: 4-400 (Astral plane)
MOVE: 6"/30" on Astral
HIT DICE: 14 male/18 female
% IN LAIR: Nil
NO. OF ATTACKS: 14 male/20female
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-10 (x14 male;x20 female)

SIZE: L (male 20' long;female 50'wide)
Male: IX/6100 +18/hp
Female: IX/10,000 +25/hp

DEPICTED: Here the spectrumones glide peacefully through the Astral Plane (Note: the Unholy House of Hags in the distance (See THE TROW blog post)
 These creatures drift in the Astral Plane feeding on the varied fist-sized simple creatures swarming throughout and whatever else it can find. They avoid most Outer and Inner planar types but will readily attack living beings (not in astral form) in their proximity about a mile or so.

The young, about a quarter of the size of the adults (5' males and 8' females), will be not as versatile (AC: 6 HD: 5 male/ 8 female DMG: 1-4) but will still mindlessly attack. If struck the spectrumone will blast with light (SAVE VS POISON or be blinded for 1-4 rounds.). Staring at the spectrumone's oscillating colors can make those watching sleepy (SAVE VS SPELLS or sleep for a 2 rounds on the 3rd Round SAVE VS SPELLS again and if no save repeat while they eat sleeping victim 3-12 dmg round.)

Spectrumones are harvested for food/magic by various evil Astral intelligent dwellers and draw their attention to the areas they inhabit. 


PPP Winner 2 of 3 Converted for AD&D: THE SYMP


FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 12"
% IN LAIR: 5%
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3 or by weapon (see below)
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2-12/2-12/1-10
SPECIAL ATTACKS : Break stone/use magic crudely
INTELLIGENCE: Low (see below)
SIZE: L (12'+)
LEVEL/X.P. VALUE: VII/1300 + 12/hp

The symps are giant ape-like creatures that have been spotted in the remotest regions of the underground. They appear somewhat like a giant, hairless, ebon-skinned crossbreed between a chimpanzee and a gorilla. The shock white, pupil-less eyes of these monsters have a subtle glow that reveals their presence in the dark. They are completely bipedal but still retain the long armed body shape of a great ape. The average symp is around 12 feet in height but some can be up to 20 feet in height. They’re intelligence is somewhat of a mystery as they appear to be able to use devices, even of the magic sort, but have no language or societal structure. Some learned sages say they are the mindless servitors of a long forgotten underworld civilization not the byproduct of evolutionary trends but manufactured of the darkest lost sorceries of another age.

Symps are mostly solitary but annually they organize into loose bands for raiding and mating. The raids of these creatures are centralized around the settlements of deep earth dwelling civilizations. Although in recent years a great mountain fortress of the dwarves in the far North, that was completely on the surface, was overrun with such creatures. But it was not an easy victory as the symp battle prowess is one of raging chaotic destruction. A famous technique of these beasts is to break the ceiling to fall on an opponent’s head (Save VS death or 3-18 dmg). This is done by their ability to rend through stone with their punches. Symp tunnels can be crude, sharp, jagged, unstable or almost unnavigable by most all creatures. These symp “highways” are a boon to the giant apes as a source of food since many creatures don’t get too far before being waylaid by disaster.

The symp’s lack of cunning is sometimes forgotten because of their strange ability to use complex items as if they were trained to do so. A symp’s possessions which will often include looted magical items that the creatures have identified and learned to use. They can identify with a relentless problem solving intensity that defies logic. As mentioned above it is unknown how but given proper time a symp can even cast a spell from a scroll speaking the verbal incantation as if having been fully trained as a wizard. And yet the symps have no real language of their own and only communicate with each other through scent, growls and body language. Give a symp a day and he’ll figure out any complex or mechanical device as well. Although in the field application of “figured out” devices is where the symp’s true nature is revealed. From casting spells in the wrong direction to locking themselves in airless tombs these beasts are probably better off using their fists.

Many powerful wizards consider a beguiled symp to be a great resource indeed. 




At first glance The Stein of Stupendous Imbibition appears as a seemingly ordinary painted beer stein which features the depiction of an animal. Upon closer inspection one will note that the type of animal will change periodically through the course of the day. At the beginning of a new day at the stroke of midnight the stein will cycle through various animal pictures every two hours. If the user drinks from the stein when one of the various animal types are depicted he will be enchanted with a magical effect. The type of enchantment depends on which beast is currently portrayed on the stein. All effects last twelve hours and the stein will not function again for one week.

Stein animal’s time of appearance and the effects of drinking from stein during that time:

CAT (appears between midnight and 2 am.)

Drinking while the cat is depicted produces a stealthy cunning in the imbiber.

[Grants a 10% chance to hide or +10% to Hide in Shadows function]

WREN (appears between 2 am and 4 am.)

Drinking while the wren is depicted produces an agile gait in the imbiber.

[ Grants a 10% chance to tumble or +10' and/or +10% to thief-acrobat functions]

FROG (appears between 4 am and 6 am.)

Drinking while the frog is depicted produces a slippery defense in the imbiber.

[Grants a -1 to AC]

LION (appears between 6 am and 8 am.)

Drinking while the lion is depicted produces a better offense in the imbiber.

[Grants a +1 to hit]

PIG (appears between 8 am and 10 am.)

Drinking while the pig is depicted produces a nitpicking thoroughness in the imbiber.

[Grants a +1 to find secret doors]

EAGLE (appears between 10 am and noon.)

Drinking while the eagle is depicted produces sharpness of vision in the imbiber.

[Grants a halved search time (e.g: 10 minutes to 5 minutes, etc.]

BEAR (appears between noon and 2 pm.)

Drinking while the bear is depicted produces a great fortitude in the imbiber.

[Grants a +1 to constitution]

FISH (Appears between 2 pm and 4 pm.)

Drinking while the fish is depicted produces a knack for swimming underwater in the imbiber.

[Grants a movement rate equal to "outdoors" MR instead of "dungeons" MR while swimming underwater.]

GOAT (Appears between 4 pm and 6 pm.)

Drinking while the goat is depicted produces a longer stride in the imbiber.

[Grants a running jump 10' or +7' to thief-acrobat jump functions]

OWL (Appears between 6 pm and 8 pm.)

Drinking while the owl is depicted produces better night vision in the imbiber.

[Grants the infravision ability]

MONKEY (Appears between 8 pm and 10 pm.)

Drinking while the monkey is depicted produces a greater climbing ability in the imbiber.

[Grants extra 20% of not falling while climbing or +20% to Climb Walls for thief functions.]

FOX (Appears between 10 pm and midnight.)

Drinking while the fox is depicted produces an aptitude for stealing in the imbiber.

[Grants a 2 in 6 chance to pick a pocket instead of a 1 in 4 chance for non-thieves and a +10% to Pick Pockets for thief functions ]

As an interesting aside is in that the stein’s changing of the animal depictions every two hours can be used to keep an accurate account of time. Due to the nature of this temporal enchantment if the stein is subject to any unnatural disruption of time (i.e. time oriented spells, etc.) the stein will explode. The detonation will cause severe (6d6) damage to all within a 15 foot radius.




Friday, September 23, 2016


Dark Troll

FREQUENCY: Very rare

ARMOR CLASS: 2 (or armor worn)
MOVE: 12”
% IN LAIR: 5%
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3 or by weapon
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 4-12/4-12/2-12 or by weapon
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Degeneration, energy drain
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
SIZE: L (12' + tall)
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
LEVEL/X.P. VALUE: IX/2550+14

Legends tell of trolls that have regenerated so many times that they've become something else. When a regular rubbery troll, of the Forces of Chaos that originated from Middle World (see Poul Anderson THREE HEARTS AND THREE LIONS 1953) before it spread throughout multiverse, regenerates too many times (some say 666) it becomes something else: a dark troll.
It is called a dark troll but not in appearance. In that regard it is dark in name and heart only. They have bleached white hide, chalky. bristly hair and their eyes are blank white. They are often mistaken for frost giant halfbreed trolls of which some have been seen from time to time. That is where the resemblance ends for these things who even normal trolls avoid.
They attack (claw/claw/bite) and regenerate (3 hp per rd after 3 rounds) as a normal troll but if their claws or bite connects they can drain an energy level per hit. Once this happens in the next round their hide starts to degenerate making them slower (AC: 4 MV: 6") as they transform into a bloated pile of claws and tissue. After 5 rounds, the dark troll breaks off the pile of newly created lifeform: a troll protodemon (AC: 4 MV: 6" but same stats as the dark troll that created it) a creature in a larval state that will metamorph into a troll demon after draining 666 levels. (For more on the troll demons see SECRETS OF THE GREATER TROLLS PART THREE coming soon).
These creatures are very rare but they often seek each other out and reside in castles that are entirely carved out on mountain peaks where their crude orgies of terror go on night after night. 




FREQUENCY: Very rare

ARMOR CLASS: 4 (or armor worn)
MOVE: 15”
% IN LAIR: 40%
DAMAGE/ATTACK:       2-8 /2-8 (or by weapon)
SPECIAL ATTACKS:       magic spells
SPECIAL DEFENSES:       regeneration
INTELLIGENCE:                Average to Genius
ALIGNMENT:                Chaotic Evil
SIZE:                             L (10’ tall)
LEVEL/X.P. VALUE:     VII/2000- Warrior
                                                  2000 +100 per magic-user level-Warlock

    The little seen greater troll is so different from the average troll that they seem to be two distinct races. Though when a limb from a greater troll is severed a common troll is formed. According to a captive greater troll, they used the common trolls as servants. Under their direct command, the common trolls were completely controlled and forbidden to breed. For an offspring would not be controlled by the master troll. In the time since the greater troll civilization was sundered long ago, the free common trolls thrived and even evolved into various troll varieties. Displacing their forgotten masters in the world’s memory. 
    Greater trolls attack with two clawed hands or by enchanted weapon. They use the following weapons:
Battle-axes  (50%)
Swords  (25%)
Miscellaneous  (25%)
Swords will usually be of the large variety (two-handed types). Greater trolls will always use +1 or better enchanted weapons. They will sometimes wear plate or chain mail often of the magical variety (5%).
   They recover 3 hp per round and regenerate same as the average troll. As mentioned previously when a greater troll loses a limb the severed limb will eventually regenerate  into a common troll in 12d4 rounds. This common troll will serve the greater troll it originated from  until the greater troll is destroyed. All greater trolls have the following innate spell-like abilities:
Enchant Weapon: +1 Permanent (not cumulative)
                              takes 12 hours to complete.  
                              Immune to Fire: Unlike common trolls these trolls
                               love heat.
When exposed to direct sunlight they turn to stone. Greater trolls have 90-foot infravision.

   They are nocturnal and live in ruins located in deep, usually enchanted forests. Long ago they served the gods as artisans and craftsmen. The greater troll civilization was destroyed when they betrayed the gods and they were cursed to turn to stone if exposed to sunlight. This is why there are so few greater trolls seen in the realms of mankind.  For every 6 greater trolls encountered, there will be a leader with maximum hit points and high intelligence. Each one will have 1d6 common trolls serving them. Greater trolls are magical creatures and some (5%) will be mages of great power (level unlimited). These are known as the troll warlocks.
   The greater troll is a smooth skinned, straight backed humanoid resembling a giant cross between an elf and a goblin not at all looking like the average Troll. A greater trolls have green, smooth skin with dark green hair. Their apparel, armor, weapons and their culture in general will resemble that of the Norse and northern European barbarian styles only far more advanced and civilized.

Campaign Origins

   In Greyhawk the smallest remnants of the Troll civilization can be found scattered throughout the Thillonrian Peninsula and what used to be the Geat Kingdom. In an earth like setting use Scandinavia and France and Germany. Greater Trolls are considered extinct. So an encounter should be almost impossible. Here's some ideas though:
1. Frozen (Time, Ice, etc)
2. Ultima Thule (The island on top of the world, etc)
3. A weapon can have the mind of a Greater Troll
(to either just tell the tale or lead to ruins or even revive them)

Secrets of the Greater Trolls Part I

  Multiple Heads: The regenerative ability of Trolls was due to the strange sorcery of the Greater Trolls. It's original purpose was to enable a Greater Troll to split his head in twain therefore creating two heads after regeneration. This technique is only practiced by the most ancient Greater Trolls. These ancients will usually have two or three heads though five heads is not unknown. Each head is considered a separate being for benefits of class. For example, one head a magic-user/barbarian, one head a fighter/thief and one head a fighter/monk/cleric on a three headed Greater Troll would have the abilities of three characters without exception. This makes a very powerful opponent.


Copyright Gene Weigel 2016

The Lantern of Erudite Flame

Lantern of Erudite Flame

The Lantern of Erudite Flame appears as a small ornate lantern composed of mostly brass with a clear globe. The globe noticeably contains a curiously free-floating lick of flame at its center. To the truly observant, a close look inside of the flame will reveal a little humanoid staring back at them. In somewhat darkened areas, the light shining from the lantern will be able to form words on a flat surface appearing almost as if someone was writing a message with their finger on a dirty window. This “light writing” allows the occupant of the lantern to speak and it is then that it will reveal its true nature. The tiny being is a creature known to mages as a fire mage from the elemental plane of fire. Unlike the efreeti, this creature is a willing prisoner of its brass and glass cage. Unlike its magically summoned elemental brethren the fire mage can only exist on the prime material plane in this specially constructed “exosphere” globe that is filled with the captured essence of the plane of elemental fire. It is used for exploration as the fire mages who occupy these lanterns choose to do so in the pursuit of knowledge. These lantern occupants are usually formidable magic-users in their own right although not very effective on the prime material due to the nature of the globe. The globe only allows the passing of visible light* through it. This restriction makes the fire mage’s spellcasting abilities mostly limited to only to itself unless they are visually oriented. The passing of visible light through the glass not only allows the fire mage to send written light messages to those outside but it enables them to read as well.

The physical attributes of the fire mages are negligible due to the diminutiveness of its size, although they tend to be above human ability in their mental faculties. Favoring the pursuit of knowledge they are quite puissant in varied and sometimes esoteric paths Treat fire mages as seasoned magic-users in their spell abilities.

*Technically – visible light being the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum disallowing any sort of spells of the thermal or solar variety (infrared and ultraviolet radiation) or various other, some harmful, energies (radio, microwave, gamma ray and X-ray) from passing through the globe. Note, lightning is the entire wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum and is disallowed as well.


Friday, September 16, 2016

NEW AD&D Race: The Trow


FREQUENCY: Very rare
NO. APPEARING: 2-3 or 12-48
ARMOR CLASS: 3 (and better)
MOVE: 6"
% IN LAIR: 0%
TREASURE TYPE: Individuals Qx3; Lair A, V
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 (or more)
DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type
INTELLIGENCE: Average to Supra-genius
ALIGNMENT Neutral evil
SIZE: S (4 1/2' tall)
PSlONlC ABILITY: By individuals (Overseers. see below)
Attack/Defense Modes: By individual
LEVEL/X.P. VALUE: Variable/Variable

Ages ago there was a time when demi-humans, humanoids and giants were one race. It was at that time, that a few broke off some chose evil exclusively and without prompting. These were the long forgotten ancestors of the trow.
In any group of trow, there will always be two who are exceptionally gifted with psionics. These will be the overseers (act more lawful). All trow have the ability to change shape once every 5 days to another human type of roughly the same size (elf, human, orc, etc.). They change before entering other civilized areas to walk amongst other races unseen. The overseers will have 5 or more HD and carry trow daemon swords, a horrible long sword with the essence of a daemon (save vs. spells or get infected by a rotting disease that slowly removes CON, a point a day, as well as changes the victim's alignment to neutral evil one step a day. If they embrace the evil in any way they will become larvae.). The overseers have two special weapons that, usually, will be used by one and the other:

TROW ACID BOMB: These bombs contain something the trow call "nerve acid" that do acid damage (2-8) but requires a save vs death or spend three rounds wracked in pain.

TROW DROP TRAP: Circular device 12 inches across they carry in a case. It takes 5 hours to reload by an engineer. Throw it into a crowd and 20 darts with type A insinuative poison shoot out (save vs poison) ThAC0: 20 +1 per foot proximity

The regulars use:
Round topped battleaxes/handaxes called "hag claws" and "hag teeth" respectively.

Their cities have even more varied types: wyvern guard (HD 4-5 ; ride wingless wyverns have type D insinuative poisoned lances), beetle rider (HD 4-5 ;ride large fire beetle variants like giant bombadier beetles carry mounted poles that shoot acid straight out of the beetle (-2 to hit as its fixed in place.), as well as magic-users who use "fungal spell rods" a variant of scrolls/spellbooks where the spells are carried around in baskets and they regrow in 6 turns after reading aloud or memorized.)

Their culture has everything covered in gold, gold veneer or gold-based dye/paint. Trow ceremonies/festivals are elaborate affairs with riches everywhere but utmost of all to them is that over the top cruelty is their hallmark. They do not enslave anything preferring to do things themselves and promote the idea that those bought or captured are here strictly for amusement. Their cities are located far deeper than any other underworld dwelling monster or race at the very bottom of foul, poisonous gas-filled, and high-temperature rifts. In contrast to other evil underworld dwellers, the golden cities of the trow have lights everywhere. This unnatural glow is legendary in the underworld. At first it appears as daylight, however, its far from it. It originates from disc-like portals to a white sun that emanates cold. Crawling through these brings one to a surface of a barren planet covered in these same portals. The majority of them lead back to where one entered within the proximity of a mile any farther risks going into a trow civilization on another prime material plane. Going to the largest portal directly under the cold sun (dead center of an area about 5000 miles long) leads to a fortress floating in the astral plane just outside of the Glooms of Hades called the Unholy House of Hags.

The trow are a fair race of black-skinned dwarves with dark purple hair. Pointed ears (no longer than a humans). They never sport beards and appear somewhat like a lean dwarf in the skin of an elf.

In World of Greyhawk, they revere Nerull and Oinodaemons. They have a racial god they exclusively venerate roughly translated called "Human Biter" called Snagoom. Snagoom appears as 20 foot tall trow with white outlined black batwings with green fumes rising from his head. The "Acid Lord" (HP: 350; AC: -2; breathes out a gas cloud that is 10" long, 5" wide, and 4" high. His double headed axe, looks like a circle with a jagged sunburst like pattern (dmg: 13-18 +9 Str) that acts as a crossbow that fires projectiles (2-20 dmg recharges in 5 rounds)..

Based on idea by E.Gary Gygax and developed by Gene Weigel and E.Gary Gygax in 2001. Finished by Gene Weigel.

COPYRIGHT 2016 E. Gary Gygax and Gene Weigel


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hobbit As A Race/Class

Hobbit Race Class

HD: D4 WIS: +1;DEX +1

Hobbits are very, very similar to halflings however they are altogether specific to their kind. These beings seem mundane and backwards but contrastingly unlike their garish cousins the elves they are far more powerful. Although they greatly admire elves' and dwarves' ostentatious natures (elves' culinary - meats and vittles, dwarves' lapidary - gems and treasures) they find them hard to get along with. They are of a magical nature on a core level. Moreso than any other race they often can detect and connect with things overlooked and forgotten. Unlike other races they have no inclination for fighting alone. They also have a strange knack for finding defensibility and the most straightforward hobbit form is hiding. There are subgroups of hobbits but for sake of this its irrelevant.

Find magic: A hobbit cannot detect magic but they can find persons, places and items of a magical nature (1 in 6).

Find cover: They have base 10% chance (starting at level add 10% per level;max 90%) of finding complete cover from anything (being seen or even combat damage, etc.) in lieu of a saving throw/hit points. If given a magical bonus to their AC it s +1 adds 10% (example 5th level hobbit has 50% to find cover from an undead seeker with a +1 ring of protection this becomes 60%) . (Note - this is what gave Bilbo/Frodo resistance to Sauron's eye.)

Combat: They use the thieves table for combat (and experience levels) however they are very exceptional in their combat routine. They have no combat bonuses except by magic. Hobbits are nonplus ONLY. They can only surprise opponents but cannot fight a melee. They can assist a combatant(s) or pounce for a singular surprise round but otherwise they will defend only. They surprise on 3 of 6. See "find cover" for more.

Innate glamer: Volume of hobbits is a critical situation if they're are too many they attract attention from beings who use or have innate magical powers. For every active hobbit (especially those not at home in a hole in the ground with a pot of fresh stew!) there is a 20% to attract the attention of a user of magic. However when they are not doing any actions treat as find cover above.

Equipment: They can wear armor but not use it effectively so its canceled in effect. They can use most small-sized weapons or proportionately short variants. Hobbit throwing stones do S-M1d4/L1d6. It takes a round or two for a hobbit to gather a throwing stone (1-6 stones) outdoors. Ruins/dungeons (stone/round).

Certain hobbits, those who have consumed ent draughts, can be treated as halflings more or less and lose their innate hobbit abilities.

At 10th level a hobbit will want to retire to a hobbit hole. They will turn away followers but will have many powerful visitors frequently.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016



Lesser God

MOVE: 12"/24"
DAMAGE ATTACK: 1-20/1-20/1-20/1-20/1-20/1-20/1-20 +8 (strength
SIZE: L (15' tall)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil
SYMBOL: Four diamond shapes set together
PLANE: Astral near Nine Hells gateway
CLERIC/DRUID: 15th level cleric
MAGIC-USER/ILLUSIONIST: 10th level magic-user
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
S:20 1:20 W:20 D:19 C:20 CH: -7

The entity known as the Mind Horror is exactly that a horror to those who use psionics. It cannot be attacked psionically, is not true psionic and is immune to psionic attack but has all psionic related spell-like powers: astral projection/spell, augury, charm monster, charm person, charm (any), clairaudience, clairvoyance, confusion, cure (any), detect evil/good, detect magic, detect (any), dimension door, divination, empathy, enlarge, ESP, etherealness, feather fall, feeblemind, feign death, geas, heal, heat metal, hypnotism, invisibility (any sort), know alignment, levitation, locate ablect, magic jar, plane shift, polymorph self, polymorph (any), quest, remove curse, shape change, suggestion, stone tell, symbol, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, tele- (any), temporal stasis, true seeing. Its namesake is its special attack that is against those who have psionic powers. They must save vs death or lose a CHA, INT, or WIS point whichever is highest.

In combat, the Mind Horror will resort to the psionic spell-like powers then spells before ever getting physical. However, when its subtly visible tentacles project out its a devastating attack of all seven iron sharp points at once. This attack will always come at the end of the round.

When Dungwa Dym appears in human guise it will always have a large gem somewhere in plain sight and many times carries a stylized halberd that is similar to its shape/symbol. This weapon is the Halberd of Dungwa Dym which is +5 and does 3-30 damage.

In its true form, it appears as a floating face with singular dorsal and ventral spikes. The color of its chitinous hide varies but never appears dark. Upon reaching a 50' radius of Dungwa Dym one can make out semi-visible rubbery, fat tentacles twirling and popping around the being giving out weird waves of vibrations everytime they spasm.

Dungwa Dym is a deity that is worshiped widely in the Swordlands and other worlds. His followers are secretive , well organized and many are psionic. His temples are rich in jewels which are symbolic as well as functional ritual devices. Clerics often wear jewelry with large cut gems this makes their well known, metropolitan temples a target for thieves. Traps in their temples are always double trapped. Dungwa Dym is a straight out liar and often his believers are not outwardly evil and believe in a higher purpose in their warped doctrines. The cult holds mind spiders (q.v.) to be sacred animals and they will be found all over their largest temples and even in their smallest rude shrines may house one or two nearby.


FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 12"
HIT DICE: 1-2 Hit points
% IN LAIR: 50%
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

These cyclopoid spiders are found in gloomy and desolate places like distant out of the way ruins or dungeons.

The small, tarantula-sized spider is almost harmless seeming with its unblinking singular eye giving it an intelligent air. However, it may be intelligent but not in a nice way. It has the ability to project an illusion (treat as an improved phantasmal force illusionist spell. Disbelieving gets a save vs spells) that its prey has fallen into an inescapable trap usually a web. If successful the mind spider will wend its way around its prey with binding webs until its victim is secured. Then it injects venom that liquifies the victims brain through its ear.

Some use the mind powers of these creatures in tandem for mental torture while keeping the spiders from their prey driving the victim insane after a day.