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Friday, September 23, 2016



FREQUENCY: Very rare

ARMOR CLASS: 4 (or armor worn)
MOVE: 15”
% IN LAIR: 40%
DAMAGE/ATTACK:       2-8 /2-8 (or by weapon)
SPECIAL ATTACKS:       magic spells
SPECIAL DEFENSES:       regeneration
INTELLIGENCE:                Average to Genius
ALIGNMENT:                Chaotic Evil
SIZE:                             L (10’ tall)
LEVEL/X.P. VALUE:     VII/2000- Warrior
                                                  2000 +100 per magic-user level-Warlock

    The little seen greater troll is so different from the average troll that they seem to be two distinct races. Though when a limb from a greater troll is severed a common troll is formed. According to a captive greater troll, they used the common trolls as servants. Under their direct command, the common trolls were completely controlled and forbidden to breed. For an offspring would not be controlled by the master troll. In the time since the greater troll civilization was sundered long ago, the free common trolls thrived and even evolved into various troll varieties. Displacing their forgotten masters in the world’s memory. 
    Greater trolls attack with two clawed hands or by enchanted weapon. They use the following weapons:
Battle-axes  (50%)
Swords  (25%)
Miscellaneous  (25%)
Swords will usually be of the large variety (two-handed types). Greater trolls will always use +1 or better enchanted weapons. They will sometimes wear plate or chain mail often of the magical variety (5%).
   They recover 3 hp per round and regenerate same as the average troll. As mentioned previously when a greater troll loses a limb the severed limb will eventually regenerate  into a common troll in 12d4 rounds. This common troll will serve the greater troll it originated from  until the greater troll is destroyed. All greater trolls have the following innate spell-like abilities:
Enchant Weapon: +1 Permanent (not cumulative)
                              takes 12 hours to complete.  
                              Immune to Fire: Unlike common trolls these trolls
                               love heat.
When exposed to direct sunlight they turn to stone. Greater trolls have 90-foot infravision.

   They are nocturnal and live in ruins located in deep, usually enchanted forests. Long ago they served the gods as artisans and craftsmen. The greater troll civilization was destroyed when they betrayed the gods and they were cursed to turn to stone if exposed to sunlight. This is why there are so few greater trolls seen in the realms of mankind.  For every 6 greater trolls encountered, there will be a leader with maximum hit points and high intelligence. Each one will have 1d6 common trolls serving them. Greater trolls are magical creatures and some (5%) will be mages of great power (level unlimited). These are known as the troll warlocks.
   The greater troll is a smooth skinned, straight backed humanoid resembling a giant cross between an elf and a goblin not at all looking like the average Troll. A greater trolls have green, smooth skin with dark green hair. Their apparel, armor, weapons and their culture in general will resemble that of the Norse and northern European barbarian styles only far more advanced and civilized.

Campaign Origins

   In Greyhawk the smallest remnants of the Troll civilization can be found scattered throughout the Thillonrian Peninsula and what used to be the Geat Kingdom. In an earth like setting use Scandinavia and France and Germany. Greater Trolls are considered extinct. So an encounter should be almost impossible. Here's some ideas though:
1. Frozen (Time, Ice, etc)
2. Ultima Thule (The island on top of the world, etc)
3. A weapon can have the mind of a Greater Troll
(to either just tell the tale or lead to ruins or even revive them)

Secrets of the Greater Trolls Part I

  Multiple Heads: The regenerative ability of Trolls was due to the strange sorcery of the Greater Trolls. It's original purpose was to enable a Greater Troll to split his head in twain therefore creating two heads after regeneration. This technique is only practiced by the most ancient Greater Trolls. These ancients will usually have two or three heads though five heads is not unknown. Each head is considered a separate being for benefits of class. For example, one head a magic-user/barbarian, one head a fighter/thief and one head a fighter/monk/cleric on a three headed Greater Troll would have the abilities of three characters without exception. This makes a very powerful opponent.


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