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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Lantern of Erudite Flame

Lantern of Erudite Flame

The Lantern of Erudite Flame appears as a small ornate lantern composed of mostly brass with a clear globe. The globe noticeably contains a curiously free-floating lick of flame at its center. To the truly observant, a close look inside of the flame will reveal a little humanoid staring back at them. In somewhat darkened areas, the light shining from the lantern will be able to form words on a flat surface appearing almost as if someone was writing a message with their finger on a dirty window. This “light writing” allows the occupant of the lantern to speak and it is then that it will reveal its true nature. The tiny being is a creature known to mages as a fire mage from the elemental plane of fire. Unlike the efreeti, this creature is a willing prisoner of its brass and glass cage. Unlike its magically summoned elemental brethren the fire mage can only exist on the prime material plane in this specially constructed “exosphere” globe that is filled with the captured essence of the plane of elemental fire. It is used for exploration as the fire mages who occupy these lanterns choose to do so in the pursuit of knowledge. These lantern occupants are usually formidable magic-users in their own right although not very effective on the prime material due to the nature of the globe. The globe only allows the passing of visible light* through it. This restriction makes the fire mage’s spellcasting abilities mostly limited to only to itself unless they are visually oriented. The passing of visible light through the glass not only allows the fire mage to send written light messages to those outside but it enables them to read as well.

The physical attributes of the fire mages are negligible due to the diminutiveness of its size, although they tend to be above human ability in their mental faculties. Favoring the pursuit of knowledge they are quite puissant in varied and sometimes esoteric paths Treat fire mages as seasoned magic-users in their spell abilities.

*Technically – visible light being the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum disallowing any sort of spells of the thermal or solar variety (infrared and ultraviolet radiation) or various other, some harmful, energies (radio, microwave, gamma ray and X-ray) from passing through the globe. Note, lightning is the entire wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum and is disallowed as well.


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