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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hobbit As A Race/Class

Hobbit Race Class

HD: D4 WIS: +1;DEX +1

Hobbits are very, very similar to halflings however they are altogether specific to their kind. These beings seem mundane and backwards but contrastingly unlike their garish cousins the elves they are far more powerful. Although they greatly admire elves' and dwarves' ostentatious natures (elves' culinary - meats and vittles, dwarves' lapidary - gems and treasures) they find them hard to get along with. They are of a magical nature on a core level. Moreso than any other race they often can detect and connect with things overlooked and forgotten. Unlike other races they have no inclination for fighting alone. They also have a strange knack for finding defensibility and the most straightforward hobbit form is hiding. There are subgroups of hobbits but for sake of this its irrelevant.

Find magic: A hobbit cannot detect magic but they can find persons, places and items of a magical nature (1 in 6).

Find cover: They have base 10% chance (starting at level add 10% per level;max 90%) of finding complete cover from anything (being seen or even combat damage, etc.) in lieu of a saving throw/hit points. If given a magical bonus to their AC it s +1 adds 10% (example 5th level hobbit has 50% to find cover from an undead seeker with a +1 ring of protection this becomes 60%) . (Note - this is what gave Bilbo/Frodo resistance to Sauron's eye.)

Combat: They use the thieves table for combat (and experience levels) however they are very exceptional in their combat routine. They have no combat bonuses except by magic. Hobbits are nonplus ONLY. They can only surprise opponents but cannot fight a melee. They can assist a combatant(s) or pounce for a singular surprise round but otherwise they will defend only. They surprise on 3 of 6. See "find cover" for more.

Innate glamer: Volume of hobbits is a critical situation if they're are too many they attract attention from beings who use or have innate magical powers. For every active hobbit (especially those not at home in a hole in the ground with a pot of fresh stew!) there is a 20% to attract the attention of a user of magic. However when they are not doing any actions treat as find cover above.

Equipment: They can wear armor but not use it effectively so its canceled in effect. They can use most small-sized weapons or proportionately short variants. Hobbit throwing stones do S-M1d4/L1d6. It takes a round or two for a hobbit to gather a throwing stone (1-6 stones) outdoors. Ruins/dungeons (stone/round).

Certain hobbits, those who have consumed ent draughts, can be treated as halflings more or less and lose their innate hobbit abilities.

At 10th level a hobbit will want to retire to a hobbit hole. They will turn away followers but will have many powerful visitors frequently.


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