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Monday, January 5, 2015

BLAST FROM THE PAST: D20 "Prestige Class"

 This was a parody on the nature of "third edition" that I did around the time it came out 2000 or so. I placed it on a webpage on Angelfire called D20 HELL which was short-lived. Here is the page in its entirety:

By Gene Weigel

For ages the crowds have delighted in the spectacle of "earth liberated" wee people. A tossed dwarf works in synch with a "tosser" (usually a fighter with at least 16 str).

Alignment: Any lawful
Hit Die: d8

Race: Dwarf.
Base Attack Bonus: +6.
Class Skills: The tossed dwarf's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are balance (dex), tumble (dex) and jump (str)

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: a tossed dwarf is proficient with all simple weapons.

Table: The Tossed Dwarf

Class              Attack           Fort           Ref            Will
Level              Bonus           Save         Save          Save
-----                 ------            ----            ----            ---- 

1st                  +1               +2             +2           +0        Tumble of Doom
2nd                 +2               +3             +3           +0        Intoxicate crowd
3rd                  +3               +3             +3           +1       Tumbling Dwarf of Fire
4th                  +4               +4             +4           +1        Bouncing Bastich
5th                  +5               +4             +4           +1
6th                  +6               +5             +5            +2       Pinball Wizard
7th                  +7               +5              +5           +2
8th                  +8               +6             +6            +2       Ricochet Rabbit
9th                  +9               +6              +6           +3
10th                +10             +7             +7             +3      Laser Show
Tumble of Doom: allows the tossed dwarf to attack while tumbling.

Intoxicate Crowd: for every toss the tossed dwarf is tossed gives a +1 to their bluff checks towards those viewing the toss.

Tumbling Dwarf of Fire: When a tossed dwarf reaches 3rd level they can burst into flames at the "peak" of the toss causing 1d6 damage in 5ft radius

Bouncing Bastich: Now when a tossed dwarf tumbles he can bounce up to 30 ft heights.

Pinball Wizard: At 6th level the tossed dwarf can bounce off a wall and receive a free second attack in the same round if within 10 ft travel length of the last attack.

Ricochet Rabbit: when a tossed dwarf gets two or more caroms in one round he cantriple his speed.

Laser Show: The tossed dwarf can leave a vapor trail that looks like a red laser beam. Anyone crossing the beam takes 5d6 damage. The beam lasts ten rounds.

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