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Tuesday, June 20, 2017



Battle servants are a Far Eastern class of rigid warriors that, normally in their palace roles, serve more and more ministerial and bureaucratic functions the higher in level that they become (these are called “courtly servants” an NPC class). However, in the case of player characters, the adventuring type of battle servants (just like clerics in a way) forego their much more effective social powers in the form of magical studies that take more violently, handy forms. They serve a dishonored master (usually a once powerful ruler) who has lost his standing in the world (illness, being made a puppet ruler, retirement, etc.) The battle servant goes into exile until the time that their lord regains his position if they ever do. Courtly servants, in contrast, are usually part of an imperial court of a powerful ruler who walk around with ceremonial weapons of the finest quality showcasing abilities with displays for magistrates and royalty. Not so for the battle servant adventurer. Theirs is a neglected world of unbridled violence and their courtly counterparts are no match for them. They hold a sense of justice but the road has made them find balance in chaos as well. All battle servants must be neutral, neutral good or neutral evil depending on the master they serve. Most battle servants that serve a dead master are usually neutral evil, though not necessarily, these latter will tend to gravitate towards evil increasingly. If their masters do die then they receive new abilities and lose others. A battle servant adventurer does not wear ceremonial armor or costumes like their courtly counterparts. Instead they must choose functionality over all. They are a subclass of fighters. Much like fighters, the battle servant requires muscle but they must also be masters of endurance, people management and speed so the they need prime requisites in Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity and Strength ability scores that are at least above 15. If 17 or above in either they receive 10% experience points awarded that is NOT CUMULATIVE (its either one or the other).

Battle Servant TABLE

8-sided Dice for Accum.Hit Points
Battle/ Courtly (NPC)
Guard /Minister
Battle Servant/Courtly Servant
Battle Servant/Courtly Servant (11th Level)
Battle Servant/Courtly Servant (11th Level)

325,000 experience points are required for each level beyond 12th.

Battle Servants gain 1 hp per level beyond 12th.


They have the following primary abilities:

1) Cause Uncertainty - The battle servant can cause a feeling of overwhelming uncertainty in a number of opponents as they have levels. +10% per level of battle servant with opponents countering -10% per level/HD (so an 8th level battle servant versus a 2 hit dice monster would have a 60% chance). The uncertainty takes the form of losing initiative for the individuals regardless of advantage.

2) Evade Missiles – At 3rd level, in the first encounter with a group of opponents the battle servant can evade the first round of missiles entirely. So they can never be surprised with a missile attack.

3) Feign Alliance – At 5th level, battle servants can pretend to be on the side of anything that speaks and has more than 20 human-like servants. This ability lasts for as long as the battle servant is disarmed and makes no questionable moves.

4) Secret Parry – At 7th level, once per day, the battle servant gains the ability to remove damage from a single attack on themselves after 4 rounds of continuous fighting with the same opponent as if it was parried effectively. The opponent will continue to believe the battle servant is more injured or even dead.

5) Energy Melee – At 9th level, the battle servant can imbue their melee attacks with the energy of their CON HP adjustment for fighters as a bonus attack/damage score (example: CON 17 is +3 so +3 to attack and damage). This can only be done once every other round foregoing a second attack. During the round its being performed the battle servant temporarily loses their entire CON HP adjustment. If wounded at this round they risk being knocked unconscious or slain if their damaged HP goes below zero. (example a 10th level battle servant with a 16 CON and 60 hit points would have -20 on their hp during that round. If remaining HP is 21 then any minimum damage attack would make them go unconscious and begin to die. If remaining HP were 11 then any minimum damage attack would be instant death.)

Secondary function include: 1) Hiding in Plain Sight, 2) Front Stabbing

1) Hiding in Plain Sight – Similar to their more powerful feign alliance ability, the battle servant prides itself on being low key and not raising suspicions. As long as he never speaks, he can move around in any settlement with a population of 100 or more (hamlet sized or larger) and be completely ignored.

2) Front Stabbing – The battle servant must always deliver an honest blow so they cannot ambush any opponent (surprise). Due to this, they receive more damage (x2 against man-like opponents) However all the doubled extra damage is only in the form of a temporary damage. This temporary damage lasts only per single opponent. Any opponents who assist the engaged opponent of the battle servant will not do X2 damage until the first opponent is disengaged or inactive. Any damage/temporary damage the battle servant receives can be added to their damage bonus on the engaged opponent.

Battle servants have these innate magical functions but those who refrain from adventuring do not receive these abilities. These “courtly servants” (NPC restricted) instead, they have the following greater powers.


1) (NPC ONLY) Perfect Example – When a courtly servant kills anyone in their society in a just way this raises loyalty +50% in all allies.

2) (NPC ONLY) Battle Emulation – If troops under the direct command of the courtly servant have over 100% loyalty they can resist death once during a battle.

3) (NPC ONLY) Labyrinthine Bureaucracy – At 8th level, the courtly servant is able to generate:

A) Once a day, a treasure map to a monetary treasure.

B) Once every fortnight, an indebted expert hireling to work off debt for a month

C) Once per month, a treasure map to a magical treasure

D) Once per 3 months, an indebted moderate level (4th-7th) character type for a mission or service

E) Once per 6 months, a treasure map to a magical and monetary treasure

F) Once per year, as many levy quality troops, in units of a thousand, as he has levels just before a battle is about to commence.

G) Once per decade, a treasure map leading to an artifact

Note: all locations that the treasure maps lead to are well guarded.

4) (NPC ONLY) Inspire Loyalty Creatively:

At 2nd level once every six months, there is a 25% chance that a courtly servant can generate a work of poetry that inspires all the literate serving under their lord’s demesne to a +10 morale

At 4th level once per year, there is a 25% chance that a courtly servant can generate a work of art that inspires all under their lord’s demesne to a +20 morale.

At 6th level once every 18 months, there is a 25% chance that a courtly servant can generate a work of philosophy that inspires that inspires all the literate serving under their lord’s demesne to a +25 morale

At 8th level once every 2 years, there is a 25% chance that the courtly servant can generate a creative masterpiece that inspires all under their lord’s demesne to +50 morale (if a written thing then the illiterate will hear it read) and other lords will favor their lord (unless countered).

5) (NPC ONLY) Bureaucracy of the Heavens and the Hells:

Starting at 9th level, a least servitor of the lawful Outer Planes can be called to assist for 3 hours every 3 months. This ability is cumulative in that it all adds up (number/time/frequency) if saved.

(See Monster Level VII*)

At 10th level a minor servitor of the lawful Outer Planes can be called to assist for 2 hours every 6 months.(See Monster Level VIII or IX*)

At 11th level a major servitor of the lawful Outer Planes can be called to assist for 1 hour every year.

(Usually categorized as the subservient under Monster Level X*)

At 12th level a godling of the lawful Outer Planes can be called to assist for a half hour every 2 years.(Usually categorized as the rulers under Monster Level X*)

*References to Monster Levels are taken from MMII (1983) firstly then MM (1977) secondly.

In addition, the courtly servants must always be lawful otherwise have the same requirements of the battle servant.


When a battle servant reaches name level (10th) they attract a body of followers who will literally follow them around in their chaotic roaming. These followers will usually be 0 level men-at-arms but with higher than average loyalty (see also additional Battle Servant Folllowers below)

For followers, the courtly servant acquires their own bureau which will have many low level courtly servants with mid-level higher ups (see also additional Courtly Servant followers below)


Battle Servant Followers (3rd-8th level) (roll three times):

01-20) 2-4 Thieves

21-60) 4-8 Fighters

61-80) 1 Lesser Battle Servant

81-90) 1 Magic-User

91-99) 1 Monk

00) 1-4 0 level sedentary types*

*All battle servant followers are intensely loyal (+25 morale) but the 0 level followers will never retreat and will disobey orders to be left behind even at their own peril.


Roll once for leader type, once for followers (all are 0 level courtly servants).


01 -40 3rd level Courtly Servant+1 knife-sword

41-75 5th level CS, composite mail (treat as splint) & +1 shield; +1 magic spear and +l dagger

76-95 6th level CS, + 1 composite mail (treat as splint) & shield; arms as above: lieutenant 3rd

level, composite mail (treat as splint) & shield; crossbow of distance

96-00 7th level CS, +1 composite mail (treat as splint) 8, +1 shield; +2 magic knife-sword (no

special abilities); rides a heavy warhorse with horseshoes of speed


01-50 company of 20 light cavalry, composite mail (treat as splint) & shield; 3 javelins, broad sword, throwing knife; and company of 100 heavy infantry, composite mail (treat as splint) & shield; pole arm* and club

51-75 company of 80 heavy infantry - 80 with composite mail (treat as splint) & shield; 20 with morning star and hand axe, 60 with pike and short sword,

76-90 company of 60 crossbowmen, composite mail (treat as splint); 40 with long bow and short sword, 20 with short bow and partisan

91 -00 company of 60 cavalry- composite mail (treat as splint) & shield; 10 with lance, broad sword, and mace, 20 with lance, broad sword and mace, 30 with lance and flail

* Select type or types randomly or assign whichever you desire.

If a battle servant decides to retire to become a full time member of their lord’s court they will lose all battle servant abilities for one year at that time they will gain courtly servant abilities as if they were starting anew progressively (Example: 8th level BC retires and gains CS ability Inspire Loyalty Creatively at 10th level). 

(For courtly servant retirement see loss of lord below


When these characters lose their lord either by death or abandoning their duty and they are not of name level yet they can no longer advance in this character class.

A) Battle Servant Loss of Lord: 
If name level, has a 50% chance to continue and that is only if guided by the spirit of their lord from beyond the grave . Once per day, in combat the battle servant can commune with this spirit. To advance without the spirit they now must have TWICE as much experience.

B) Courtly Servant Loss of Lord: 
If name level, can continue to advance only if they continue to serve as part of the bureaucracy if loss of lord was due to neglect in their duty they must become a eunuch (hysterectomy if female). If not they can opt to become a battle servant (as above). In one year’s time. The courtly servant will lose all their courtly abilities for one year and gain those of the battle servant as if they were starting anew progressively (Example something that a Battle Servant has at a certain level the Courtly turned Battle Servant receives at + that number: a 12th level Courtly Servant’s lord dies so after training to the path of the battle servant they immediately gain Cause Uncertainty, Hide in Plain Sight, & Front Stabbing then gain Evade Missiles at 15th, Feign Alliance at 17th level etc..) They then must continue as lordless battle servants guided by their dead lord’s spirit (see Battle Servant Loss of Lord above) all battle servant rules apply to former courtly servants in this instance. 

NOTE: Unfortunately the courtly servant's abilities may no longer function without access to any "court" as well.

NOTE: In all cases, the undead lord’s spirit has moved on to its final reward. This “spirit” is a lingering remnant of that person’s aura which is empowered by the battle servant’s sense of loyalty so if the lord was a little corrupt then this thing is really evil seeming (Treat as ghost SEE BELOW). If the battle servant dies this thing does as well. If multiple battle servants followed the same lord it creates an amalgamated being (treat as ghost +/-1 HD per battle servant over one in number). If the truth is somehow divined, revealing this truth to the battle servant compels them to despair and they lose all abilities.This is hard to do as the battle servant must be completely convinced.

NOTE: Many of this class will resort to ritual suicide if class advancement is lost in some sectors it is even required. Ultimately a battle servant without a lord must fade from the Earth either in battle or otherwise within one day of loss.


When a battle servant chooses to serve their lord upon his death they can call upon the warped memory of their former master in combat giving them these powers:

1) Energy Melee becomes “Negative Energy Melee” where each successful hit using energy melee adds to the battle servant’s hit points and drains the opponent’s level

2) Front Stabbing ability is lost.

3) Turn less than 5HD worth of undead to their side (example: one wraith; a wight and a skeleton; 5 skeletons; 2 ghouls; etc.) but not directly under their control.

5) Once per week, they can call forth their dead lord as a ghost (see above) during combat for 3 rounds.

In addition:

Any followers gained after this point will be evil aligned.


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