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Friday, March 9, 2018


This is dedicated to E. Gary Gygax as a tribute and homage to T1 VILLAGE OF HOMMLET (1979) and T1-4 THE TEMPLE OF ELEMENTAL EVIL (1985) and can be utilized as an expansion to those adventures as it utilizes no repetition and is completely "new".
This colored area map below is going to be used throughout the various chapters some chapters will include two of the numbered areas. The following chapter is in area 1 near swampy area.


1 in 6 chance : 1d10 0-lvl men-at-arms with short swords and spears (AC 5, hp: 5-7, #AT 1, D 1-6, AL: CE)
(1 in 4 if a loud noise is made in addition to the above there will be occupants of nearby areas)
1-3: 2-7 giant newts (see #13., below)
4-5: 10-13 0-lvl men-at-arms with short swords and spears (AC 5, hp: 5-7, #AT 1, D 1-6, AL: CE)
6:Swamp gas fire bursts illuminating a 50 foot area.

1) DRAWBRIDGE TOWERS: These two towers are separate at the top but are interconnected on the 2nd floor.
1A) Drawbridge West Tower: Atop this tower are two 0 lvl men-at-arms with longbows (AC 5, hp 5,6, #AT 1, D l-6, AL: CE); 1st level (courtyard level) and a cauldron for burning oil (loaded and ready to light in one round;treat as flaming oil 2d12 direct hit if climbing with d6 dmg next round or if targets directly below on ground assign numbers and roll that person gets direct hit and other get splash damage 1-3).
1B) Drawbridge East Tower:Ballista (scorpion) Range: Minimum ¼ “ Maximum 32", D: S-M:2d6,L3d6, ROF: ¼ rds–½ rds, Crew: 2 minimum, 4 maximum (ROF doubled:1 per round) All targets are AC 10 two 0 lvl artillerists carrying(AC 7, hp 4,4, #AT 1, D l-4, AL: CE) they won’t fight man-to-man if they don’t have to. They will aid the Eastern tower by doubling up to increase firing rate if flanked.
1st floor East: Bow Armory: a partitioned wooden box contains a number of quivers of different types:
15 belt quivers of standard (bodkin) arrows (24 count each),
10 belt quivers of standard quarrel (square-headed) bolts,
5 belt quivers of standard (bodkin) arrows (24 count each) fixed with oil bombs(1d6 extra damage on impact Save vs death),
5 belt quivers of standard (bodkin) arrows (24 count each) fixed with oil (lights fire on impact Save vs fire),
10 belt quivers of standard quarrel (square-headed) bolts and
5 quivers of slur bolts for slur crossbow (See the character “Ragnax” below in area 15)
 1st floor West:10 drums of oil

2nd floor: Barracks of beds 4 beds. Locked chests: if sleeping contains armor and weapons. Chest #1: 6 e.p. 4.s.p Chest #2: 45 c.p. 1 e.p. Chest #3: 3 s.p. 3. e.p. 12 c,p. Chest #4: Nothing. Secret panel has a letter to someone named “Letto” from “Lareth” to “open the gate on the first night of Luna Full in the sky”.
(Alarm: if alarm is active, all men-at-arms carry horns, then all men will be atop towers will be doubled )

Atop this tower are two men-at-arms with longbows and short swords(AC 5, hp 5,7, #AT 1, D l-6, AL: CE)
No 1st floor.
2nd floor: Barracks of 4 beds. Locked chests: if men-at-arms sleeping contains armor and weapons. Locked chests: #1: 35 s.p. 15.s.p Chest #2: 34 e.p. 12 s.p. Chest #3: 5 s.p. 12. e.p. 13 e,p. Chest #4: 5 g.p. 54 s.p. 50 c.p.
(Alarm: if alarm is active, all men-at-arms carry horns, then all men will be atop towers will be doubled )

Atop this tower are two 0 lvl men-at-arms with longbows and short swords (AC 5, hp 4,6, #AT 1, D l-6, AL: CE)
No 1st floor.
2nd floor: Barracks of 4 beds. A crude dark brown-yellow flag hangs over the beds. Written on in dark markings (blood?) says in common:
Locked chests: if men-at-arms sleeping contains armor and weapons. Locked chests: #1: 35 s.p. 15.s.p Chest #2: 55 g.p. 19 s.p. Chest #3: 400 s.p. 16. e.p. 578 c,p. Chest #4: 1 g.p.
(Alarm: if alarm is active, all men-at-arms carry horns, then all men will be atop towers will be doubled )

5) COURTYARD: The courtyard may have men-at-arms drilling during the day (25% chance 7-12 0-level 4-7 hp with spears/chainmail) or unholy men doing foul things during the night (50% chance t least one 1st level cleric w/ mace/chainmail and 3 0-lvl 4-7 hp men-at-arms w/ longsword/chainmail). A pit in the middle of this yard after dropping 30 feet hits a Southbound slide that drops victims into area 8 of the Dungeon to feed the dracolisks.
Markings of a humanoid giant outline in the dirt by the Southern wall otherwise its non-magical, completely unremarkable dirt.
5A) BLACKSMITH: An anvil and long chimney protruding out onto the courtyard where during the day the blacksmith, who is not a mere smith but one of the chiefs of this place, hammers away making weapons. There is a secret trapdoor here in the back ceiling that goes up to room 11 the blacksmith's room.
5B) STABLE: Under area 17 is a stable containing 21 warhorses: 3 heavy (AC7, HD 3+3, hp 22,20,24, D: 1-8/1-8/1-3, MV:15”), 12 light .(AC7, HD 2, hp: 13,14,12,11,12,14,10,12,13, 11,11,12 D: 1-4/1-4, MV:24”) and 6 medium (AC7, HD 2+2, hp: 13,12,11,13,15,12, D: 1-6/1-6/1-3,MV:18”).There are also 2 non-warhorses of the speedy “Ketoman” breed (treat as wild horses with these adjustments to D and mv; AC7 HD 2, hp 15,14, D: 1-2,,MV: 30”),
5C) CHAINED OLIPHANT: Oliphant (AC 2 [leather armored]; MV 15”; HD 10+5 [large size]; hp 65; #AT 4; D 3-12 x 4; SA able to attack as many as four man-sized opponents at once; SD 25% magic resistance).

6) HALLWAY: This hallway is trapped with bells in the floors if the door jamb from the GUARDROOM (9) is not depressed. The bells alert all rooms connected to this hallway (11,13,15,18,20, AND 22)

7) GUARDHOUSE: This area acts as a dining area for the guards as well as for meetings. There are two large tables. At anytime there 10-to 20 man-at-arms here. They are fighters with long swords and plate (AC 5, F1, hp 4, #AT 1, D 1-10, AL: CE) playing cards 50% of the time.There is a deformed man with twisted limbs at hand always who serves the guards. He is a mute but is somewhat intelligible if a means of communicating is established (magic?). In that case, he’ll say he is Khisral, a traveller from the City of Greyhawk headed to Niole Dra, who was captured by brigands who then sold him as a slave to the occupants of the this place. The place that he was sold at was called Nulb at an auction. He has been through many hardships here and was once a hale hearty 1st level fighter. If he is healed he will be functional once again and able to speak clearly. He doesn’t know whats down in the dungeon but knows about the bell and pit traps.


8A&8B) PIT TRAP: Middle floor Save vs death or drop 20 feet down into a water-filled area under area 8 roughly 30 feet deep with no way out but back up. Falling and splashing into the water alerts the 12 crocodiles sleeping on a shelf under area 24 the feeding area (See area 24 The Escape Route) 12 crocodiles (AC 5; MV 6"//12”; HD 3; hp 18,24,17,21,16,20,16,22,17,17,18,16; #AT 2; D: 2-8/1-12; surprise on a l-3).

9) GUARDROOM: A small table and chairs has two fighters (serjeants) with long swords and plate (AC 5, F1, hp 4, #AT 1, D 1-10, AL: CE) playing cards 50% of the time. Can be surprised easily during this time +3.

10) DUNGEON STAIRWELL: This stairs leads down to dungeon area 1.

11) BLACKSMITH’S ROOM: This locked chamber is the room of Cagoo an 8th lvl fighter AC: 1 (+2 Chainmail,& Shield), hp: 60, D: by weapon +2 long sword. He has many fine non-standard weapons here. 5 nice long swords (50 g.p. each), a fine battle axe (25 g.p.) and 3 exquisite short swords (75 g.p. each). His bunk has a chest near it locked the lip is trapped with a razor’s edge anyone trying to open failing a save vs death takes 1-4 damage. Inside is 800 g.p. there is a trapdoor going to the courtyard level 5A.

12) TOILET: Halfling is at the bottom of 40 foot drop. Frenzer (Lvl 4 fighter, AC: 10 Hp 22 (current 8) was thrown down here naked for sport and has been suffering for over a week. If set free and healed he will join party readily.

13) HOLDING CELL: Bars are on this door and in a one foot window. It has a heavy lock that is open. A window looks out on the courtyard. A crude drawing on the wall next to the window depicts what looks like the courtyard outside with an earthen creature with an evil countenance around 20’ high gobbling up a bound prisoner while another tied to a post awaits the same fate. Under the drawing there is written very small “EVIL ELEMENTAL”.

14) STORAGE: 30 small empty barrels (smells grainy.)

15) VISITOR’S BEDROOM: From the Pomarj, Ragnax, Evil follower of the Elephant King (demon lord). has a +1 elephant-shaped metallic slur crossbow with built in counter weight loader increased (Like heavy crossbow but ROF is1) and 2 quivers one has 24 slur bolts (GP WT: 1; D: S-M: 2-7/L:3-8) and another quiver has 5 more of these but they are +1 slur bolts. He has come to report to his dark masters in the Pomarj if the return of Elemental Evil is advantageous to them to support.

16) VISITOR’S BEDROOM: This room is an average dormitory of a several beds. Presently, the visitors here are from the Chaotic Evil branch of the Scarlet Brotherhood of thieves called “Cousins” these are a sub-branch of clerics called Half-Cousins”. Friar Deelbick goes by the false travelling name “Father Tippo” when he travels and will say to passing strangers that him and his associates are followers of the Sun God “Ryllo of the South”. They are actually followers of a forgotten demonic Suloise deity named Jadisprebo, demon lord of superiority and red dragons . His two acolytes Rethayd and Idypur go by the false names “Father Unguar” and “Father Mahtsen” These characters pretend to be mendicants but are far from it if tested.

Friar Deelbick (AKA Father Tippo) AC 1 (+1 platemail & shield); C7; hp 45; #AT 1; D by weapon +1 mace
He has the following spells available:
FIRST LEVEL: Darkness, detect good
SECOND LEVEL: Resist fire (x2), spiritual hammer
THIRD LEVEL: Bestow curse (x2)
Unholy Symbol (Jadisprebo: red dragon head breathing fire downward.) Backpack: containing iron rations, 54 g.p., 44 s.p., 9 c.p. potion of healing, 2 cleric scrolls (5th level flame strike, raise dead) (6th lvl aerial servant, heal), 50’ rope, water flask.

Friar Rethayd (AKA Father Unguar) AC 2 (platemail & shield); C6; hp 34; #AT 1; D by weapon +1 morning star
He has the following spells available:
FIRST LEVEL: Cause light wounds, darkness, protection from good
SECOND LEVEL: Hold person, continual darkness
THIRD LEVEL: Animate dead(x2)
Unholy Symbol (Jadisprebo: red dragon head breathing fire downward.)
Backpack: Iron rations, jug of water, unholy water vial,

Friar Idypur (AKA Father Mahtsen) AC 2 (platemail & shield); C6; hp 35; #AT 1; D by weapon +1 footman’s flail
He has the following spells available:
FIRST LEVEL: Cause fear, curse, cause light wounds
SECOND LEVEL: Obscure alignment
THIRD LEVEL: Dispel magic (x2)
Unholy Symbol (Jadisprebo: red dragon head breathing fire downward.)

17) BEDROOM OF THE CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: This is the bedroom of the captain Kakofla 6th lvl fighter AC: 3 (Plate), hp: 42, D: by weapon halberd and short sword. Chest with 345 c.p. 47 e.p. 60 g.p. 2 p.p.

18) BEDROOM OF THE TRUE CLERICS: This is the bedroom of Eva and Gen the evil clerics of General Elemental Evil. Eva is the evil high priestess in residence and Gen is the alternate evil high priest in residence when Eva is abroad. Both are sworn to elemental evil even over all demon lord participants. They have no knowledge of the Elder Elemental Gods however in addition to holding rites to the general principle of Elemental Evil here at the moathouse, they pray to something they call Z’ax-ho’bel-Narna which they refer to as the secret Elemental Force of Evil. (It is unknown to them, at this point, what exactly this is and why its telling them to betray the demon lords Iuz, Lolth and Zuggtmoy but it offers them a power unknown to be immune to all elements and elemental forms. They do not currently have this power yet but it was lent to them temporarily to gain their faith.)

Eva (AC 0 (+2 platemail & shield); C7; hp 36; #AT 1; D 1-6 plus it is a +2 staff which emits elemental fire damage upon striking opponent +1d6.
She has the following spells available:
FIRST LEVEL: Curse, command, cause light wounds (x2), darkness
SECOND LEVEL: hold person (x3), silence 15' r.
THIRD LEVEL: animate dead, dispel magic (x2)
FOURTH LEVEL: cause serious wounds, sticks to snakes

Gen (AC 3 (plate); C5; hp 40; #AT 1; D 1d6+1) armed with a mace +3.
He has the following spells available:
FIRST LEVEL: Cause light wounds (x3), detect good,
detect magic
SECOND LEVEL: Hold person (x3),
THIRD LEVEL: Cause blindness

19 DINING ROOM: This place is quite a lot more elegant than the “guardhouse” there is a darkwood cabinet (worth 300 g.p.) with dinner settings for 20 (each worth 25 g.p.). A large painting overhangs the dinner area with an image of the once grand Temple of Elemental evil as it once was in its full grandeur. A flaming eye watches it from the sky as blood-spattered, ochre-robed men and women whose faces are all obscured march through the gates. Many of them are bearing banners. The red banner of Iuz’ Ouroboros symbol, the purple banner of Zuggtmoy’s patterned, the fungi, black banner of Lolth with white webbing leading to a small yellow octagon (Which as some scholars have opined may be the true shape of the demonweb!) and the swirling patterned blackish green, fecal brown-yellow, and vomit gray-amber field with red serpent-like eyes banner of Juiblex. If one examines this closely in the far distance there are banners of all the great houses of the Flanaess. If one stares at this painting for over 5 minutes they will hear their own internal voice say,”You might not be strong enough for Elemental Evil.”

20) PLANNING ROOM: This has a map of the continent of Flanaess. There are pins on Greyhawk (Free City), Chendl (Kingdom of Furyondy), Mitrik (Archclericy of Veluna), the Town of Highfolk (Free Town), Istivin (Sterich), Tringlee (Duchy of Urnst), Pitchfield (County of Suundi)

21) DRY PANTRY: There are many hung dry sausages (35) and shelves of various cheese wheels (40). This room has a completely wooden interior and is comparatively dry to the other rooms in the castle.

22) ABANDONED BEDROOM OF THE FORMER RULER OF THE MOATHOUSE: This room has a cold feeling in it. It looks like a lady’s apartment with a draped bed but everything is dilapidated and dusty. Most of the once fine cloth of the bed clothes are ruined. They all seemed evil seeming in design and they seem evil worse in their current state. The fancy armoire of black wood with silver limned ornamenture is barren. Anything of value seems to have been taken. If here for more than a round the bed sheets rise and a shape with a protruding bastard sword attacks. It is a vampire of sorts that haunts the room and never leaves. Its only attack is with the bastard sword which it drains levels as a vampire otherwise treat as a vampire (AC 1 ; MV 12"/18"; HD: 8+3; hp 60 #AT 1; D: 5-10; SA drains two energy levels charm at -2 to save, summon rats or bats; SD regenerates 3 hp/round at will, can assume gaseous form or polymorph to bat, immune to poison, charm, sleep, or hold spells, takes half damage from cold or electricity). This is Erachtt, the undead lover of the former ruler of the moathouse Lady Adrygga who was felled in the Battle of Emridy Meadows. If Grachtt is defeated, he is pulled into the sword and the sword becomes an unusual +2 Bastard Sword of Life Stealing with an ego of 15 and an alignment of Chaotic evil.

23) KITCHEN: 3 old women work in here. Verda, Mairhi, and Guudha, all were lonely old widows kidnapped from isolated homes in the nearby hills. There is a huge hearth with a chimney and a well pump in here for fresh water. Various pots and pans , massive stack of firewood, drawers of eating utensils, tubs for washing, utensils, two tinderboxes and various spits for the fire. A massive drain in the floor goes way down below the lake level. If one descends after removing the grate it will take 100 feet of rope. It is a finite pit loaded with grease coated gravel in one corner a grease spattered skeleton. Clutched in his hand is an average-sized but exceptionally cut ruby worth 10,000 g.p.

24) THE ESCAPE ROUTE: This room has a trapdoor leading down to the crocodiles. There is a thin slot in the bars about waist high (feeding?) but no access otherwise. Behind the stairs there is a secret door in the North wall. Inside is a short jetty with a large wheel mechanism on the wall. The mechanism is a well oiled winch that activates an elaborate set of activities. A false ceiling and false Northern wall are opened. The ceiling then lowers a spiked rowboat with what look like 4 elaborate torch sconces in front, back and one on each side. The Northern wall reveals an open tunnel to the lake. The rowboat is 18 feet long/4 feet wide and has a hull value of 4, (if hit with fire attacks) Each sconce contains what looks like a lamp but each has a large bladder of oil with a crank. Depressing this give the lamp a 1/2 segment blast of fire that is useless tactically but it will scare approaching giant newts. There are 3 blasts per sconce before its dry. If the occupants do not row straight ahead to the farthest shore (10 minutes at full speed;20 minutes normal speed) the newts will capsize the boat regardless of any activity

25 HUNTER: A swamp green-colored giant newt prowls this murky swampy ground: Giant Newt: AC 7; MV 9"//12"; HD 6; #AT 1; 1-8;SA surprise on 1-4;(See below)

26 QUICKSAND: Any characters moving through this area will sink waist deep. Any attempt to move will make them sink further if they hold still the rate of sinking lasts one turn if they do any action they sink further(they fight at -4). Up to 3 actions and their covered.


Every hallway has a one foot wide drainage system with iron grates along the wall. A small demi-human (halfling-sized or less) could fit in their but movement is almost impossible with a movement rate of ½”. There is also a 10% chance per round they will end up catching disease. The dragon’s familiar (a weasel) spies from down here and always staying out of sight.
In the halls, there are sconces for torches but no torches in them except for area 2.

1) STAIR LANDING: The stone stairs was a long descent South from area 10 in the North. This area is gloomy and dusty there is a wooden door on the South Wall that is locked. Any attempt at picking the lock will alert the guards on the other side of the door. Drain in floor on Eastern wall (See area 9 for more).

2) GUARDROOM: There are two guards here sitting at a table. They are 4th level lieutenants with halberds and plate (AC 5, F4, hp 28,27, #AT 1, D 1-10, AL: CE).

3) HALLWAY: This long hallway South turns to the East and has 3 traps proceeding in the middle left side and left side again.

4 SHRINE: Evil Shrine to Zuggtmoy the purple limned walls depicts Zuggtmoy leading an army of fungus-covered undead to a great steel-walled citadel with mushroom-capped towers that is billowing out smoky noxious fumes into an immense cavern with malformed lumps with bat wings carrying human victims into it. The fungal undead creatures of Lady Adrygga the long dead high priestess of Zuggtmoy haunt this place and attack any who enter. Some say Zuggtmoy granted Adrygga the ability to create these fungal zombies (See below NEW CLERIC ABILITIES and NEW MONSTERS). 

10 fungal zombies:AC 8; MV: 6” ; HD 3; hp 20,15,17,18,20,17,16,20,19,18 #AT 1 D:1d*,SA:Spores if hit 1d4 +1d4 if victims do not move 30 feet away then continue to be damaged anyway at 1 point per turn unless healed in anyway. If brought to zero hit points victim turns into fungal undead.

5) FALSE ARMORY:: This an old armory however there is a major crack in the wall and the only weapons left are those all rusty from the dampness. 17 rusty long swords, 12 rusty spears, and a rusty battleaxe. On the floor in back of the sword rack is a prestine magic broadsword of +3 with a stylized type VI demon on it. It is actually a giant-sized dagger and it is cursed. Any who use the dagger open a mental link to a type VI demon dwelling deep n the Lortmil Mountains (Y4-100) in a place called the Cave of Demon Bats. It will whisper to the holder at night giving them strange misleading clues to lead them closer and closer to it’s location. There is also a rotating wall that leads to a secret armory.(area 6)

6) SECRET ARMORY: In here is a secret cache of magic weapons, a long sword +2 versus elementals.(who also save versus magic or be paralyzed for 1-4 rounds.), a mace versus earth elementals +3, a mace of disruption, and a quiver of 16 +3 arrows versus elementals.

7) STORAGE: There are 12 crates in here. Six 3x3x6 ft crates on each side of the room. Two of them contain flesh golems waiting to surprise flesh golems: AC 9; MV 8”; (HD 7); hp 40; #AT 2; D 2d8; SD +1 or better weapon (Electric adds points according to number of dice), fire/cold spells slow.

8) HALLWAY: An ordinary stone hallway. If the party doesn’t walk South along the Eastern wall then when they 30’ past the doors from area 3 it activates a floor panel with two waiting dracolisks. Dracolisk AC 3; MV 9”15”(MC:E); HD 7+3; hp 51,52; #AT 2; D 1d6/1d6/3d4; SA: Breath weapon (D:4d6, 3” range), gaze weapon. Never surprised. Average intelligence;They speak only crude black dragon.

9) HALLWAY OF TREASURES/SECRET LAIR: It is a plain stone hallway similar to the others. It is littered with the shattered stone remains of dracolisk victims: hands, heads, legs, arms, feet, and torsos.
There are but with 4 wooden doors on the Eastern wall. Each a 20x30 room. Within each room is part of an active illusory trick that a hidden dragon here plays. The dragon’s lair is in area 9E, which is immediately above this dungeon level. The dragon had massive trapdoors made to open the entire ceiling of each room. For example, at any time that the dragon thinks that it is appropriate it replaces the permanent dragon illusion in a room with itself in different combinations. It also has 8 ready to go alternate treasure baits in area 9E above that it will switch out to consternate the party.

9A) A red dragon is gaping at the door. It is an illusion. A treasure is here (See 9E) The ceiling is a massive trapdoor that opens from above.

9B) The same red dragon is gaping at the door. It is an illusion. A treasure is here (See 9E) The ceiling is a massive trapdoor that opens from above.

9C) The same red dragon is gaping at the door. It is an illusion. A treasure is here (See 9E) The ceiling is a massive trapdoor that opens from above.

9D) The same red dragon is gaping at the door. It is an illusion. A treasure is here (See 9E) The ceiling is a massive trapdoor that opens from above.

9E) This is the lair of the red dragon “Gautifel”. He is typical of the talking type but is a non-sleeper and has a cat-like playful but ultimately sadistic streak to his personality. The dragon has a weasel familiar named “Vermy”. He sends this creature through the network of drains that is attached to every room and hallway to tell him how soon company is coming. Vermy usually waits in the drain in area 1. Here has prepared treasures to place in the rooms in addition to his horde that he sleeps on.Average

Red Dragon: AC - 1; MV: 9”/ 24” ; HD 10; hp 50, #AT 3 (+fire breath[current hp]); D: 1d8/ 1d8/ 3d10; SA: Spell use, AL CE, SZ: L 48’) Gauteefel speaks common, red dragon, chaotic evil alignment language, gnoll, bugbear and the trade language of the underworld.
First Level: find familiar (weasel),hold portal
Second Level: forget, stinking cloud
Third Level: clairvoyance

Vermy the weasel: AC 6; MV: 15” ; HD 1/4; hp 2, #AT 1 D: 1

Treasure pile: 42000 g.p., 12000 c.p., longsword +1 (+2 vs magic-using and enchanted creatures), potion of ESP, potion of fire giant control, potion of gaseous Form, potion of heroism, potion of polymorph self, potion of treasure finding,magic-user scroll (dispel magic, infravision, invisibility 10' radius, monster summoning I, protection from normal missiles, slow), protection from petrification scroll, protection from demons scroll (x2), and a wand of magic detection (79 charges).

Treasures for the rooms
1) 3 large sacks of 400 p.p.
2) A gold vase worth 7000 g.p.
3) An idol of a dragonheaded god made of bloodstone worth 25,
4) A glass case on pedestal with an evil magic ring of faerie
5) 3 large sacks of elephant manure (he usually uses horse manure.)
6) A tin vase with a gold veneer worth a few coppers.
7) An idol of a dragonheaded deity made of dried dragon mucous.
8) A glass case on pedestal with a cursed ring of invisibility (ring of clumsiness)

9F) This is a series of large convoluted shafts, with no place to hold on 95% of the way, that leads to the bottom of the lake. Any attempt to navigate this risks five 50 feet high drops (15d6 damage) that leads to a pool access to the lake botttom which is 100 feet deep and filled with carnivorous giant newts.

10) ANTECHAMBER: This room is locked. The first lock on the Eastern door is normal. The lock on the Western door, if the Eastern door is not locked at the time that the Western door is opened, then the entire 20x20’ floor drops into a 30’ deep well filled with 10’ of water. After one round a grate appears at the 20’ level blocking ascent. After two rounds, the trap door shuts. After 3 rounds, the well fills up to 25’.

11) HALLWAY TO NOWHERE: This roughly 15’ wide corridor is featureless stone. There are a few human corpses rotting here and there with nothing of value on them. It is filled with 6 giant newt zombies (See new monsters and new spells below) AC: 1; MV: 4”//6” ; HD: 7; hp 50,52,49,48,51,54, #AT 1, D:1d8/; SZ: L 25’.

11A) FALSE TREASURE ROOM: This is a false treasure room. There is a small chest at the South wall of this 10x10’ chamber it is filled with 50 average-sized rubies worth 1000 g.p. each. If the chest is raised, lifted and then the walls lower into the floor and reveal area 12.

12) THE REAL TREASURE ROOM: The small antechamber of the false treasure room’s walls give way to this 65’x45’ opulent “treasure room” of gilded walls and six gilded chests (worth 1500 g.p.) none are trapped. They contain: a bronze horn of Valhalla, hammer +1, longsword +1 (+3 vs regenerating creatures), cursed phylactery of "short" years, ring of three wishes (15000 gp), ring of warmth, shield +1, shield +4, wand of illumination (98 charges), wand of negation (90 charges), arrow of direction (17500 gp), battle Axe +1, boots of striding and springing (20000 gp), chain mail +2 (human size), dagger +2 (+3 vs large creatures), plate Mail +2 (human size), 2 x ring of weakness, rod of lordly might (45 charges, and a wand of frost (99 charges).
After touching the treasure, the ghost of Lady Adrygga returns with her faithful clerics of Zuggtmoy.  

Adrygga (Ghost)(AC 0 [or 8 in ethereal]; MV 9”; HD 10; hp 71; #AT 1; D: age 10-40 years; SA sight ages 10 years unless save vs. Spells
is made, magic jar ability in 6” r; SD etherealness unless ghost fails to magic jar initial victim then becomes semi-corporeal.

5 faithful priest servants (shadows): Shadow:AC 7;MV 12”;  HD 3 + 3, hp: 21, 20, 19, 22, 19,#AT 1; D: 2-5; SA hit drains 1 strength for 2-8 turns; SD magic weapon to hit, immune to sleep, charm, hold,cold, 90% invisible except in bright light; 

This completes the Other Moathouse, I hope you and your players found it amusing.



At 7th level, evil clerics of Zuggtmoy gain the ability to create a special type of undead called "fungal zombie"(See New Monsters Below) when they cast an animate dead spell.



FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 6"
%IN LAIR:  Nil


Attack/Defense Modes:

These are magically animated corpses that are brought to life with an animate dead spell cast by a 7th level or higher cleric of Zuggtmoy. They have a higher hit die (3) but otherwise are like zombies (No effect from spells involving sleep, charm, hold and cold-based. 2-8 damage if hit with holy water vials.) except when struck they emit dangerous spores. These spores will do 1d4 damage per round or until the opponent runs 30 feet away. Once clear the spores will only do 1 damage per turn unless the victim is healed which kills off the spores. If not cured and the victim dies they will rise as one of these creatures with no direction.
Description: They have a brown-grey puffball like smooth but flaky skin that crackles if hit. Their eyes dimly glow red with swirling white globes in them.


FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 9"//12"
%IN LAIR:  Nil
25' long)
Attack/Defense Modes:
Inhabiting only isolated swamplands, giant newts are not often encountered. However, they are fond of the flesh of sentient beings making them seem evil.
Giant newts attack with needle-like teeth if any bite attack scores a 20 it will try to swallow unless succesfully the victim in the mouth. Then it will drop. Its an ambush predator and hides in water or brush surpising on 2 in 6.


Animate Dead Monstrosities (Necromantic)

Level: 6 Components: V, S, M
Range: Touch Casting Time: One day
Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Special
Explanation/Description: This spell is used to generate forms of skeletons or zombies from non-bipedal animals and monsters of which the products of this spell are very rare and unknown. Most possibilities are redundant nonsense monsters so this is no utility spell. Rather, it is more of a completist exploration in corporeal magic that popularly falls under the category of “necromancy”. However, unlike the lesser spells in that field, the cleric (or scroll) can only generate as many hd worth of creatures as the cleric (or scroll) has over 10th level. The most versatile version of this spell covers a wide category of creatures. From the bizarre (ochre jelly) to the mundane (horses) and most all the leftover creatures fit under this category. They will retain their HD with +1 for skeleton and +2 for zombie. Zombies move at half rate and skeleton move at full rate. Note: Sea creatures made into zombies and “skeletons” will maintain their fins and/or cartilage. Invertebrate (non-endoskeleton) “skeletons” will be composed of either core cartilage (shark) or core tissue along the neural lines (For instance, gelatinous cube’s central spoke going out to cube frame) will appear as a mostly unknown flopping mess. So while possible some results are pointless.
The components for this spell are tissue sample from specimen with powdered black sapphire of average size (value 10,00 g.p.). For a flying creature to maintain it’s flight ability the caster must also drink 5 potions of flying.

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  1. This is really good stuff, but obviously tougher/higher level than almost all of T1-4 - I assume the intent is that this location is for use after the Temple itself has been ransacked and not as an interlude? I confess I skimmed through this so I might have missed something, but am I understanding correctly that the folks in this moathouse are, effectively, a separate Elemental Evil cult not connected to the folks currently dwelling in the dungeons beneath the old Temple?

  2. Yes, after the Temple and there is a worse area in an upcoming chapter but there is some more "civilized" areas and savagery too in other areas.

    I had in mind 7-12 like Barrier Peaks or Fantatastic Adventure.

    I tried to load this one with tributes to Gary some direct name mix ups "Adrygga" and "Erachtt" are obvious, then Gautifel/Gauteefel is a wordplay on Brazzemal the red dragon from Hall of the Fire Giant King (Brassy + Evil/Gawdy + Evil) watch out G3 players it'll smell you killed Brazzemal! ;) , and some are direct and subtle like Juiblex (as "Zhublox") was allied with Zuggtmoy in the Gord novels so I threw him in there for the hell of it (but there is more on this arrangement coming).

    The undead spell expansion is probably one of the oldest spells I have on record either just before T1-4 came out in 1984 but I had others they were just shittier and lost things not worth recalling. I kept the spell as is to keep it as a rough thing that no one really wants.

    The fungal zombies are old but I called them mushroom zombies in the 80's. So either or. The idea stems from the old mountain house my family used to have being neglected for almost a whole season (1985?) and going up there and the back lawn being covered with puffballs. That place is covered in newts as well! ;)

  3. Hi Gene,
    Coming very late to the party. I just found this from a link on Trent Foster's Mystical Trash Heap site. I was wondering if you had compiled this into a PDF or Word document. I can cut/paste but don't want to redo anything that might already be done. Looks like a lot of fun and I plan on using this very soon. Thanks

    1. Here is a PDF version of the original blog post:

      If there is any problem just comment here again.


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